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Research overview

Detonation dynamics and engines

Turn Explosion into Electricity

As a fascinating and complex reacting flow phenomenon, detonation deserves an improved understanding not only for shedding light on the fundamental aspects of the physics (e.g., non-equilibrium chemical kinetics and wave-flow-boundary interactions), but also for facilitating the next generation of advanced detonation engines for power and propulsion applications (e.g., drones, low-earth orbit satellites) with improved efficiencies and reduced emissions.

Carbon material synthesis

Turn Soot into Gold

Leveraging the extensive knowledge learned from soot formation and particle dynamics in flames, tremendous opportunities exist in manipulating gas-phase reactive environment to enable carbon quantum dot (CQD) synthesis and property design. Further studies are likely to yield fascinating results about inter-allotropic transformations, carbon hybridization, and interactions in carbon-metal framework, eventually leading to new materials with desired mechanical and electrical properties.

Reactor dynamics in internal combustion engines (ICE)

Turn Engine into Reactor

The vast technological development history of internal combustion engines remains invaluable in shaping emerging research directions. Retrofitting ICEs as useful, inexpensive chemical reactors aided by modern control and diagnostics techniques will undoubtedly revolutionize the chemical production industry. Interesting problems include small-scale ammonia synthesis and carbon capture and reforming.